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House-and-cat-sitting in Tomales, CA

California Photos

International House Sitters (Leighton Buzzard) would like to announce the publication of their web photograph album from their recent five week stay in sunny northern California. Digital technology has quite clearly cut album production time by two or three days.

Heading Home

Betty (Bryan’s cat) seemed oddly unwilling to wish us farewell as, at 8:25 AM, Bets drove us to Petaluma to board the 9:00 AM Airporter bus to San Francisco International airport. Betty was certainly very pleased to have Bryan back

Bodega Bay

This was our last day in California before the long trip home. Many years ago I had been keen on cabrito, a San Francisco Mexican restaurant’s rendition of “Petaluma kid goat”, and had been interested in trying to track down

RGI (Repetitive GoCar Injury)

Bets and Bryan were due to arrive at San Francisco International at around 6:00 PM from their second vacation this evening. To try and make best use of the day, we had booked a GoCar from their Union Square depĂ´t

Party Recovery

Gordon had very kindly volunteered his services as designated driver so we “guests of honour” could drink with gay abandon at the Walker reunion yesterday. We had arranged for them to stay over with us at Tomales to minimize their

Walker Reunion

It is the last weekend of our trip; we fly back to the UK on Wednesday. Lorraine and Fred Webster and Kathy and Steve Delman had been planning a Walker reunion party. Kick-off was at 5:00 PM at Fred and

Fast Forward

The weather forecasters were “calling for” (as they say in Amerispeak) rain with some windy conditions on Friday and Saturday. We awoke to gloomy, though still dry conditions and it wasn’t too long before we joined in the gloominess ourselves.

Normality Returns

Normal service was resumed this morning as we awoke to fog. Yesterday, Keith had been a little skeptical since, weather-wise at least, their first morning here had been clear. The skeptical one’s head, on the other hand, had been far

Recovery Day

Following the reunion excesses of yesterday evening, at least one member of our party wasn’t feeling quite a hundred percent when morning came knocking. Unfortunately, Bets’s cleaner was also due to come knocking at about 8:30 AM so slacking was

House Guests

Today we were making final preparations for having some visitors. Keith and Marlene Stillman had embarked on another of their road trips touring parts of the United States by car. This time their route had taken them from their home


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