Here are links to small albums of our favourite photographs. We include pictures that we think either have some technical merit or are just plain interesting. We try to keep to a limit of  ~60 photos, though many are smaller, in an attempt to avoid the dreaded heavy eyelid syndrome – we certainly don’t want to bore any visitors to death. Hopefully these pictures may whet your appetite for some of the locations.

All the photographs are compressed so aren’t too onerous to load. They are sized to fit in a box of 1024 x 533 pixels so display comfortably on a typical widescreen resolution of 1366×768 (or 1024×768 for 4×3 format screens). Smaller smart phones have a problem but then this is essentially a photographic site and you should be using a sensible device to browse it. 🙂

Below, each flag or icon will take you to an index page of thumbnails associated with a particular trip or subject. Clicking on a thumbnail gets you to the detailed photograph with a short caption. Once in an album, you can scroll back and forth through the detailed pictures.

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