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Our main interests combine photography with the natural world and travel, together with an unreasonable amount of eating and drinking thrown in along the way. Our website is largely a photographic record of those interests, hence you’ll find sections on Wildlife, Travel and Food in the menu. [Food in the menu? Now there’s a thing. 🙂 ]

Wildlife got complicated. After half a lifetime chasing butterflies on a casual basis, in 2009, Odonata [dragonflies and damselflies] became a major interest in my life. Interest swiftly grew into an obsession. Since then, Carol has also caught the bug [pun intended] and our photographic catalogue and information grew such that our Odos merited a website all of their own, www.odonata.org.uk.

To get the most out of travelling the world, I believe it’s essential for one’s taste buds to get involved, too. Not for us, the sadness of seeking English beer or English food abroad – give us the local stuff. Our food section is a personal notebook of recipes we’ve enjoyed eating. Since it’s also implemented using WordPress, I affectionately call it “Gastroblog“.

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4 comments on “Welcome
  1. Michael Rosen says:

    Just to say “thanks” for the pheasant recipe (Faisan a la Normande). I’ve been looking for one like it for a while and yours seems really well thought through and presented. It makes me eager to try some of your others.

  2. Bruce Hyde says:

    Hi John,

    I am familiar with your name as you have kindly taken the time to agree, revise and comment on various of my iSpot Observations. I have only just managed to stumble over your website, which I find excellent.

    We (my wife is also called Carol) have a holiday home in S. France, in the foothills of the Pyrenees not far from Perpignan. We spend around half the year there in 5-6 week chunks. The eating and drinking is as important (probably more so) than the weather.

    My interest in odonata only started a year or so ago, and, like you, it has become a near obsession.

    Keep up the good work on your website, which I shall visit often.


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