This began life as a catalogue of birds that visited our garden but, as I hope you will agree, that seemed to be missing out on some more interesting feathered friends. So, it’s grown. I don’t like shots of birds on feeders but I like missing out on a species even less, so some inevitably remain of those birds that that do visit our garden.

To the untrained eye (and that includes mine), the order here may seem more or less random. However, on the rash assumption that I’ve sorted them correctly, my sequence basically follows the sequencing within the Collins Bird Guide.


Great Crested Grebe Fulmar Cormorant Night Heron Little Egret
Grey Heron Purple Heron Greater Flamingo Mute Swan Canada Goose
Mallard Gadwall Wigeon Eurasian Teal Pochard
Red-crested Pochard Tufted Duck Griffon Vulture Short-toed Eagle Booted Eagle
Red Kite Black Kite Common Buzzard Sparrowhawk Kestrel
Pheasant Moorhen Coot Oystercatcher
Avocet Black-winged Stilt Lapwing Turnstone Curlew
Black-headed Gull Herring Gull Common Tern Columba livia Wood Pigeon
Cuckoo Barn Owl Hoopoe Rose-ringed Parakeet Green Woodpecker
Great Spotted Woodpecker Barn Swallow Water Pipit Rock Pipit Berthelot’s Pipit
Meadow Pipit Pied Wagtail Grey Wagtail Dipper Waxwing
Dunnock Robin Black Redstart Nightingale Stonechat
Mistle Thrush Song Thrush Redwing Fieldfare Blackbird ♂
Blackbird ♀ Blackcap Sardinian Warbler Whitethroat
Blue Tit Great Tit Coal_Tit Long-tailed Tit Marsh Tit
Nuthatch Treecreeper Magpie Carrion Crow Starling
Chaffinch Madeiran Chaffinch Brambling Goldfinch
Siskin Serin Bullfinch Cirl Bunting


SE Asians

Striated Heron Collared Kingfisher White-breasted Waterhen Spotted Dove



Turkey Vulture Brown Pelican Sharp-shinned Hawk

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