Party Recovery

Gordon had very kindly volunteered his services as designated driver so we “guests of honour” could drink with gay abandon at the Walker reunion yesterday. We had arranged for them to stay over with us at Tomales to minimize their late night driving.

Once everyone had surfaced we popped into Tomales to raid the local bakery and buy a selection of items designed to demonstrate how inventive mankind can be with sugar and chocolate. These, accompanied by lashings of coffee, constituted breakfast.

Gordon and Kim checking the vines Gordon, Kim and Carol amused themselves wandering around the property armed with a camera before we went back to Lorraine and Fred’s house to collect our abandoned car. More profuse thanks for an excellent party very smoothly organized.

The edge of Muir Beach We had plans of driving down the twisting, winding coast road to Muir Beach before eating at the Pelican Inn. This would get Gordon and Kim half way home and we could then return, probably via the non-twisting, non-winding US 101. Muir Beach was, well, a beach with people doing beachy things. (Your author doesn’t really do beaches.) One idiot had a wet suit and surf board and dove into the surf. More surprisingly, two horses in the company of riders turned up to watch. Let’s be careful where we step on the way back.

The Pelican Inn was absolutely heaving with humanity. Shelling out $25 a head for a buffet in crowded conditions didn’t appeal so we drove back north on the twisting, winding coast road to Stinson Beach and found a much more pleasant grill. All four of us seemed to be gagging for a hamburger and they proved to be an excellent choice.

Now we weren’t near US 101 so we hit the remainder of the twisting, turning coast road back north while Gordon and Kim chose between the twisting, turning coast road south and the twisting, turning climb over Mount Tamalpais.

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