Walker Reunion

It is the last weekend of our trip; we fly back to the UK on Wednesday. Lorraine and Fred Webster and Kathy and Steve Delman had been planning a Walker reunion party. Kick-off was at 5:00 PM at Fred and Lorraine’s house in Petaluma and, when Carol and I arrived at about 3:30 PM, ostensibly to help, preparations were faultless and well advanced. Everything was well in-hand and all I was likely to do was get in the way.

I am sure everybody had a great time; I know I did. It was fabulous to see so many fondly remembered colleagues after so long. I’ll let a few pictures speak for themselves.

Appetizers Becky and Rick Price Eric Soderlund and Angel Host Fred Webster and hostess Kathy Delman Gordon Simpson and Angel Hostess extraordinaire Lorraine Webster John Casey Kim Simpson and Carol Mike and Denice Borse and you-know-who Steve Delman - the best Jewish pork cook I know Tina Casey Ed Burke and Behrouz Raouf The real Robert Allen Tuck In!

It is a testament to the four organizers that everything went so smoothly. It is a testament to the bonds that exist between Walker employees that, after 10 years or so, they get back together and the years dissolve.

Lorraine, Kathy, Fred and Steve: you did a magnificent job. I cannot express how honored/honoured and grateful we are for all your hard work. We are fortunate, indeed, to have so many good friends.

What a send-off!

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  1. Elrond says:

    How depressing. I realise now what I must look to everyone else. Its definitley time to retire and put up my feet. If only banks had not screwed up it would be an option.

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