Bees and Wasps

Covid-19 lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 did me a favour – I discovered a natural bee bank in the country park about ½km from my back door. I spent many happy hours watching and photographing what was to me the astonishing activity played out on the slope. As a result, I’m now much more interested in Bees and Wasps than I was pre-Covid.

Interested I may be but I’m still a complete beginner at identification. Without the help of the good folks at BWARS I’d be lost. I am indebted to them for much of this content.

Where genus or species is known, these are in alphabetical sequence of binomial name.


Andrena bicolor Andrena cineraria Andrena flavipes
Andrena fuscipes Andrena labiata Andrena scotica
Anthidium sp
Anthophora bimaculata Anthophora plumipes
Apis mellifera
Bombus pascuorum Bombus sylvestris Bombus terrestris Bombus vestalis
Colletes hederae Colletes succinctus Dasypoda hirtipes
Epeolus sp Lasioglossum sp Megachile sp
Nomada fulvicornis Nomada goodeniana Nomada lathburiana
Nomada Leucophthalma Nomada Marshamella Nomada zonata
Osmia bicolor Osmia bicornis Rhodanthidium sp
Sphecodes sp Xylocopa


Ammophila sabulosa Annoplius viaticus Cerceris rybyensis
Episyron rufipes Eumenes pomiformis
Hedychridium roseum Hedychrum niemelai
Mellinus arvensis Oxybelus uniglumis
Parasitoid Wasp Paper Wasp Sceliphron caementarium
Social_Wasp Vespa crabro Vespa velutina