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Leap Day

After spending a pleasant evening in Porto Moniz on the north-western tip of Madeira, our Feb 29th was to be spent going up into the mountains, crossing the central high ground’s so-called “Desert Plain” to wander along few more levadas

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A Limb Loosener

OK, so we’re not actually on Madeira to dance the lambada. We are actually here with Explore! to walk, amongst other things, some of the famous levadas. Levadas are irrigation channels but more of these later. Madeira is essentially a

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Winter Visitors Return

There aren’t many advantages to winter in my book. One, though, is the chance to see a slightly different mix of birdlife in the garden. Only when the colder weather hits do we see Goldfinches dropping in to take their

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France 2011, Autumn – La Crau

After four nights in La Brenne, we made a longish run south to Millau to go “ooh, ah” at its justly famous viaduct. Whenever I look at it I can’t help but think, “how on earth did they build that”

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Walks on the Wild Side

I’ve already been away in our caravan since my prostatectomy but the caravan is still a very personal space. However, last weekend was another milestone of sorts in that we ventured over to near Ipswich where we would be staying

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Hawk Eyes

Will this winter never end? I’m ready for an improvement in the weather and some R & R. Still, at least I’ve been using the grey days to try and get over my December medical hiatus. The other thing I’ve

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Christmas Birds

No, not turkey, not goose, not guinea fowl and not pheasant. It’s been only just over week since I lost my infernal catheter and now I’m in the expected period of leaking. I am happy to report that I believe

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Redwings’ Return

Given all the harsh weather that we and our wild creatures have been “enjoying” this season, I had been wondering why I hadn’t seen any Redwings decimating the red berries in our garden. Actually, to be fair, the red berries

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Waxwings in Woburn

Yesterday afternoon my personal chauffeuse took me and my unwelcome medical attachment out for a swift jaunt. It’s good to get some fresh air and a change of scenery but there was a more pressing reason for our short trip.

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Poor Birdies

A cold but sunny Friday generated quite a bit of bird activity on our feeders. Furthermore, there was enough light for me to have a try using TheBeast++ (my 1.4X extender on my 100-400 lens). I’d have to confess, it’s

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