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Anniversary Present

Today I had another chance to enjoy a trip to Stoke Mandeville hospital for my third PSA-level check since my radical prostatectomy. Coincidentally, it is one year to the day since I dressed (briefly) in a theatre gown and was

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Long Overdue Update

I must have been having too much fun over the summer because I just realized that it’s been a long time since I wrote anything about my recovery from my radical prostatectomy. My last entry seems to have been April

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Walks on the Wild Side

I’ve already been away in our caravan since my prostatectomy but the caravan is still a very personal space. However, last weekend was another milestone of sorts in that we ventured over to near Ipswich where we would be staying

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The New Season Begins

For Odonata, a.k.a. Dragonflies and Damselflies, that is. It has been a long winter for a relatively new addict for many reasons, not the least of which, of course, were my surgical experiences caused by ridding myself of a freshly

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A Week of Progress

Today it is exactly four calendar months since the removal of my post-prostatectomy catheter, the start of Mr. Leaky, so I thought another progress bulletin was in order. There’s a couple of things to point out about this return to

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First Post-Op Trip

Having re-acquainted ourselves with the New Forest last September, courtesy of waiting on things medical, we had rather optimistically booked ourselves into a year-round campsite there for New Year. New Year in the New Forest: seems almost poetic. At the

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Recovery Processes

Following my radical prostatectomy last December, Friday was my second follow-up appointment with the medical team and the first for my post-operative PSA level checks. The hospital was typically manic with the waiting areas full to overflowing and my appointment

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A Mixed Bag

Considering the fact that I was born in February, I really should be used to it being a short month by now. I’m not, though; I never seem to be prepared for March to start. Slow learning curve I guess.

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Extra Padding

Anyone with a copy of Lou Reed’s classic (my opinion) 1972 album, Transformer, should flip it over and remind themselves of the artwork on the reverse of the album/CD cover. For those whose music collection is sadly lacking, I’ve pinched

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Night Horrors

It is now three weeks since the removal of my accursed catheter so it’s way beyond time for a progress report. Blame the hiatus of Christmas which was, most unusually, a white Christmas in the UK. Cue Bing Crosby …

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