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Road Rage

The end of what can only be described as a absolutely perfect two weeks in Dorset. Our track record for weather thus far this year had not been good; our earlier two weeks in Spain were damper than we’d hoped

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A Beer in Beer

[Ed: well, I suppose it had to be done.] The first thing to note about a town called Beer is that every business starts to look like a public house: “Beer Greengrocers”, “Beer Yacht Club”, “Beer General Stores”. But, I’m

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The Liberty Trail

Just for a change today, and because much of the Coast Path in these parts is not actually anywhere near the coast, we decided to head inland for a circular walk of about 7½ miles. It was a green walk

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Flying Again

One of Billy Bailey’s big advantages over our previous generation of touring living accommodation is that Billy has a very swish sunroof. The light this admits turns him into more of a travelling conservatory. We love it, though it does

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Swanning About

Some years ago I saw a TV program about a man with a superb sounding job: he was the swanherd at Abbotsbury swannery. We are only about 20 miles from Abbotsbury and were very keen to see visit the swans.

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Golden Cap

Our first full day at Charmouth and whole new stretch of coast to investigate. We decided to come out in sympathy with the airlines not adding to the carbon dioxide emissions by not using our car and walking from the

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Wareham to Charmouth

We’re beginning to get very used to these unusually clear skies with not a cloud in sight. We’re also beginning to get used to unusually clear skies with neither aircraft nor their attendant vapour trails in sight, though our hearts

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All Steamed Up

The clear skies free of clouds continued. The clear skies free of all commercial air transport also continued to the chagrin of those poor souls trying to get somewhere. With our modern transport systems disrupted by unseen volcanic ash lurking

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Not Yorkshire

Almost 10 years ago the husband of one of my former Walker colleagues died of pancreatic cancer. Jenni later moved down to Dorset. We had Jenni’s phone number but, of course, what we didn’t have was a mobile phone signal

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Touristville, Dorset

Well, it has to be done. Even when the Icelanders are once again causing us problems, this time by donating us geologically large plumes of volcanic ash rather than by losing astronomical amounts of our cash, there comes a time

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