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Andy Rouse Wildlife Photography
Andy Rouse is one of the UK’s best wildlife photographers who consistently produces stunning images.
We’ve been following Andy’s work for many years.
Stephen Dalton Photography
Though a relatively new discovery for us,
many years ago Stephen Dalton developed a whole new technique for taking ultra fast shots of wildlife.
His shots freeze motion with such amazing clarity that you just have to see his results to believe it’s possible.
David Noton Photography
David Noton is one our favourite landscape photographers.
Pretty much the complete antithesis of Stephen Dalton, David’s trademarks seem to me to be ultra slow shots where moving water is involved combined with
stunning panoramic (6×17) images taken on the wonderful Fuji GX617 camera (real film and way outside our price bracket).
Joe Cornish Galleries
One of Carol’s particular favourites, Joe Cornish studied art at my alma mater: Reading University.
Joe seems to be the National Trust’s photographer of choice and is a true traditionalist.
Not only does he still use real film but he uses it in a fabulous
Ebony (45SU, I think) full format field camera.
Very Ansell Adams!

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