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In Search of Perfection

After yesterday’s excitement of seeing my first ever Downy Emerald (Cordulia aenea) at Sandhouse Lane Nature Reserve, I just couldn’t resist returning today with Carol (she had been out volunteering for the Greensand Trust) in the hope that she’d be

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Up About a Downy

This is turning into something of a Sandhouse Lane Nature Reserve blog at the moment. Being a relatively new member of the Odonata fan club, this is the first year when I’ve been eagerly awaiting the start of the new

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Colourful Easter

[Egg-citing Easter was a bit too obvious, even for me, but I thought I should note the possibility.] First of all, my dear ol’ mum bought me a lovely Thornton’s dark chocolate Easter Egg. How much of a big kid

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Walking on Water

Now that I seem to be well on the road to recovery from my prostatectomy (fingers still firmly crossed), I appear to have developed a new and little known condition. In fact, this may be completely new to medical science.

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Odd Odonata

For me, the summer school holidays are something to be endured. We endure it by being at home leaving the rest of the normally civilized world to be invaded by ear-shattering screamers. However, last summer I added dragonfly and damselfly

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Love in the Air

Since the sun had decided to grace us with its presence for just about the first time in a few weeks, yesterday I took a break from trying to organize French wildlife in favour of trying to catch, photographically of

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Distressin’ Damsels

Last year, I began pursuing my long-standing love of butterflies, camera in hand, at our local Sandhouse Lane Nature Reserve. However, I soon became distracted by Sandhouse Lane’s array of odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) which provided a fresh photographic interest.

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Copulation Wheels

In a very unusual spell of fine weather lasting precisely one day and in between a few chores like buying expensive Euros and fetching our caravan to make ready for our coming trip to France, I enjoyed a couple of

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Odonata Confusion

I’ve only very recently begun to try to identify dragonflies and damselflies. This new found interest was entirely due to the relative plethora of the things at our local Sandhouse Lane Nature Reserve. On the left is one of the

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Closer Focus

Two days ago at Sandhouse Lane Nature Reserve I watched a fellow snapper using a close focussing ring on a long telephoto lens (500mm in his case). I had discounted our old close focussing rings ‘cos I had tried them

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