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Anniversary Present

Today I had another chance to enjoy a trip to Stoke Mandeville hospital for my third PSA-level check since my radical prostatectomy. Coincidentally, it is one year to the day since I dressed (briefly) in a theatre gown and was

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Long Overdue Update

I must have been having too much fun over the summer because I just realized that it’s been a long time since I wrote anything about my recovery from my radical prostatectomy. My last entry seems to have been April

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A Week of Progress

Today it is exactly four calendar months since the removal of my post-prostatectomy catheter, the start of Mr. Leaky, so I thought another progress bulletin was in order. There’s a couple of things to point out about this return to

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Recovery Processes

Following my radical prostatectomy last December, Friday was my second follow-up appointment with the medical team and the first for my post-operative PSA level checks. The hospital was typically manic with the waiting areas full to overflowing and my appointment

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A Mixed Bag

Considering the fact that I was born in February, I really should be used to it being a short month by now. I’m not, though; I never seem to be prepared for March to start. Slow learning curve I guess.

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A Milestone

I don’t think I can remember such a dull, grey winter as this. Since our early winter snows over the Christmas period, when we did at least have some cold, crisp, blue sky days, we seem to have had very

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The Healing Process

The healing process related to the expected period of incontinence following a radical prostatectomy is a very strange one. I freely confess that I do not understand the mechanism(s) involved. Given that, during the two weeks immediately following my operation,

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Softwear Releases

As any regular readers will have noticed from my recent posts, it really isn’t possible to talk about the after-effects of a radical prostatectomy without completely burying one’s embarrassment. Fortunately, I don’t mind talking frankly and openly with my heart

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Getting My Kit Off

Startling admission: I’ve never been a sports fan. [Ed: No, really!?] My problem is not just a lack of interest, it’s a dislike that encompasses not only watching sport but also, indeed mainly, partaking in sport. By “sport”, I’m referring

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A Month Downstream

The month in question is the month following the removal of my catheter, which is, of course, when my stream started. 😀 As I was being packed off home with my initial supply of continence pads to deal with my

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