Butterflies: Asia

Collecting a few butterflies from Asia has been a little more successful than other further flung arenas, perhaps mainly because we spent a couple of weeks on our own in Singapore. Other specimens are from Hong Kong and Sri Lanka.

With the complexities of common names potentially changing from country to country, I’m just going with alphabetical sequence on scientific name.

Acraea terpsicore (Tawny Coster) Actyolepis sp (Hedge Blue) Danaus genutia (Common Tiger)
Danaus melanippus (Black-veined Tiger) Elymnias hypermnestra (Common Palmfly) Euploea core asela (Common Indian Crow)
Eurema blanda citrina (Three-spot Grass Yellow) Lampides boeticus (Pea Blue) Leptosia nina nina (Psyche)
Mycalesis mineus (Dark Brand Bush Brown) Mycalesis perseus (Common Bushbrown) Notocrypta paralysos (Banded Demon)
Pachliopta aristolochiae (Common Rose) Pantoporia hordonia (Common Lascar) Prioneris sita (Painted Sawtooth)
Telicota besta bina (Besta Palm Dart) Ypthima ceylonica (White Four-ring) Zizina otis indica (Lesser Grass Blue)