Beetle species are many and varied and they soon began to dominate our Other Insects page so I’ve split them out. Besides, I’m becoming more enamoured of beetles, so they deserve a page of their own.

Ladybirds are beetles and probably most peoples favourites so I’ve dedicated a separate page to them.

Here, I’ve split out the Longhorn Beetles into a separate table but the rest, Leaf Beetles/Ground Beetles etc, are lumped together and begin my collection. I originally tried to shadow the order of species used in a book but, with the addition of foreign species, that stopped working. I also had a harder time finding anything so I’ve settled on alphabetical order of binomial name.

Red-striped Oil Beetle Cantharis nigricans Cantharis rustica
Capnodis tenebrionis Carabus violaceus Green Tortoise Beetle
Cetonia aurata Chalcophora marinara Chlorophorus glabromaculatus-pilosus
Chrysomela populi Green Tiger Beetle Clytra quadripunctata
Dendroxena quadrimaculata Dor Beetle Whirligig beetle
Harpalus affinis Hoplia caerulea Lachnaia
Colorado Beetle Lochmaea suturalis Spanish Fly
Oil Beetle Mylabris variabilis Oiceoptoma thoracicum
Oxythyrea funesta Garden Chafer Black-headed Cardinal Beetle
Red-headed Cardinal Beetle Common Red Soldier Beetle Trichodes alvearius


Flat-faced Longhorn Beetle Agapanthia villosoviridescens Capricorn Beetle
Plagionotus arcuatus Rutpela maculata Vesperus sp

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