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House-and-cat-sitting in Tomales, CA

Lake Tahoe

After a 6:00 AM alarm and a very good omelette breakfast freshly prepared by the staff at Howard Johnson’s, we hit the road to cover the 100 miles or so to the Lake Tahoe area. We’d seen a weather forecast

Ton Up

We have been planning a night away from home to take a trip to see some of the sights at Lake Tahoe. Tahoe lies about 200 mile east of us on the border between California and Nevada. John MacLatchie and

The Falcon Lands

Point Reyes Station seems to have become one of our favourite haunts. It’s a very rural and very small town, one main street of about two blocks, with a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere and it seems to be able to meet

Maltese Falcon

I’m a big Humphrey Bogart fan. Casablanca is the best movie ever made and The Big Sleep is a classic, certainly when it comes to plot confusion. The Maltese Falcon is always worth watching though it is the elusive falcon

Kule Loklo

Don’t bother trying to work out the anagram; it may look like one but it isn’t intended to be one. (“O look Luke!”, maybe?) The day at Tomales started very pleasantly with some high partial cloud cover. Plan A was

Lunch on the Veranda

This is one of those houses that has a front which is seemingly never used. There are steps up to a veranda covering a front door but nobody ever comes in that way because the drive goes straight past it

Ornithological Notes

Our usually calm and gentle awakening and arising process suffered a set back this morning. While I was, as they say, “at my toilet”, something put the fear of God into a covey of California quail that was foraging beside

Point Reyes Lighthouse

The prevailing weather systems around here seemed to know that this was the official end of summer and the first day of fall/autumn. The weather forecasters talked about one or two small areas of prevailing fog but the coast in

Tomales Swap Meet

For a while now we have been seeing signs advertising the “Tomales Swap Meet” on Sunday, 21st September. One of us was intrigued as to what a swap meet might be so we set off in the morning to walk

Car Wars

‘T was a dull but dry morning and we had errands to run. First on the post-coffee agenda was refuelling and returning our rental car. Carol drove Bets’s technologically rich Toyota Camry Hybrid while I drove our technologically dull and


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