Arachnids are spiders and their other 8-legged allies which, in my case, is pretty much limited to harvestmen. Harvestmen may be described as spider-like but have an unsegmented body. My modest collection used to be buried within Other Arthropods but now it has grown to the point of needing its own page, though though it still isn’t extensive.

As usual with these things, I’m sticking to alphabetical sequence based on binomial name (where known) but have further separated the Australians so as to avoid potential confusion.


Argiope bruennichi Dicranopalpus ramosus Enoplognatha ovata
Garden Spider Lace-webbed Spider Misumena vatia
Pardosa amentata Pardosa sp Phaqlangium opilio
Pholcus phalangioides Pisaura mirabillis Raft Spider
Tetragnatha Wolf Spider Xysticus sp
Zygiella x-notata


Argiope sp Argiope keyserlingi
Trichonephila edulis Trichonephila plumipes Water Spider