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Demo-crass-y in Action

If you’re anything at all like me, in your formative years there will have been a few moments that were so startling, they’ll be lodged in your brain forever. One such moment in my relative youth was hearing the erudite,

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Hypocritic Oath

On Wednesday we were all treated to a graphic demonstration of the hypocrisy of our dearly beloathed Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. The news hounds must have been wetting themselves with glee at such a faux pas from the man seeking

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Depressing Returns

When we landed back in the UK on Sunday after a wetter-than-expected but enjoyable trip to Spain, a couple of depressing situations greeted us, apart from the fact that it was raining slightly and the country appeared pretty much flooded.

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A Couple of Recipes

Send out geologists to explore the world and find oil fields. Erect expensive drilling rigs and send down a few test holes. If the field is viable, erect lots more rigs and start drilling in earnest. Ship the oil half-way

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