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Madeiran Gastronomy

One of the many pleasant aspects of visiting a new culture or area is that the ol’ taste buds can get excited about a new range of food items. Madeira may be a modestly sized island, ~36mls/60kms x 14mls/23kms, but

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Footloose in Funchal

Madeira’s population is roughly 250,000 in round numbers. About 50% of these live in the capital, Funchal, with its buildings climbing up hills surrounding the harbour rather like the banked seats in an amphitheatre. Today was our last full day

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0-Dark Thirty Departure

4:40 AM is not a very friendly time for check-in desks to open at London’s Heathrow airport. I started investigating my travel options and discovered, according to one friendly parking service lady, that “they” had only recently begun opening check-in

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Dorset Preparations

At last, after a long wait and an even longer winter, ‘t was time to wake up our hibernating Billy Bailey from his storage field and make preparations for two weeks in Dorset. I actually collected him on Friday so

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The Power of Television

I run Google Analytics on my web site, more out of evil curiosity than anything else. It’s not as if I’m trying to sell anything so I don’t need to know anything about “conversion rates”, whatever they are. It’s just

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Bringing Home the Water

Well, we’re back for our first full day back at home after a wonderful trip around France and feeling a little cool. The larder was bare so we popped out shopping to get supplies. Carol fancied something warming and suggested

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Flaming Frustrating

If you possess only one barbecue, it should be a Weber 22½ inch kettle. There’s just something quite impressive, for those who’ve not seen it, in extracting a golden brown, hickory-smoked whole 15lb turkey from beneath the lid of your

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