Lepidoptera Links

UK Butterflies
The UK Butterflies site provides information on all of the butterfly species found in the British Isles …
UK Moths
… your online guide to the moths of Great Britain and Ireland.
Butterfly Conservation
“Saving Butterflies, Moths and our Environment.”
With those aims and Sir David Attenborough [all hail!] as president, it must be good.
Hampshire Butterflies
One of the indefatigable Paul Ritchie’s sites focussing on Hampshire and, therefore, the New Forest. He also features in the links dedicated to dragonflies.
Alan Thornbury’s Hampshire Butterflies
“… dedicated to the wild butterflies of Hampshire and the places they live and breed.”
Species information, location information and flight times. A must for any wildlife fan who visits the New Forest.
Matt’s European Butterflies
Matt Rowling’s excellent site on European Butterfly species.
Butterflies of France
A very helpful site by a very helpful Roger Gibbons.
Guy’s Butterflies
Another well regarded collection of European Butterflies by Guy Padfield.
Moths and Butterflies of Europe and North Africa
This site has been going nearly 20 years and contains an exhaustive collection of lepidoptera. There doesn’t seem to be a key to help identify an unknown subject but it does have alphabetic lists arracnged by scientific and vernacular names in various languages. Excellent if you can find what you’re looking for.
learn about butterflies
… a constantly expanding site recognized internationally as the most complete and authoritative on-line resource dealing with Lepidoptera worldwide …

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