Odonata Websites

The BDS – British Dragonfly Society
“Working to conserve dragonflies and their wetland habitats.” A useful reference site, also.
Andrew Makeham
“Home to Bedfordshire Odonata” or dragonflies and damselflies, if you prefer. A photographic site or a wildflife site? Who cares, it’s a very fine odonata home featuring many excellent images with lots of useful information centred on Bedforshire.
New Forest Dragonflies
A very informative and elegant site run by fellow dragonfly enthusiast, Doug Overton. Doug has some great pictures and some interesting guidance on photographic techniques. I’m particulalry keen on his Google Maps plan of dragonfly spotting locations in the New Forest. Great idea!
Hampshire Dragonflies
Fellow Odonata enthusiast Paul Ritchie’s photographic homage to dragons and damsels. Paul has some great notes on useful spotting sites in and around the New Forest.
Norfolk Dragons
A useful site for those wishing to hunt Odos in Norfolk with some very handy information about specific locations.
UK Dragonflies
“This website is inteneded to be a friendly place where we can share our knowledge & expertise of these amazing and fascinating creatures.” It includes a great forum facility to contact its helpful community of enthusiasts.
Chris Brooks Photography
A very good gallery of dragon and damsel images together with a host of useful information about the subjects and capturing them on pixels.
David Hastings
David’s interests clearly match our own very closely – he has excellent photographic sections on Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies and Damselflies. How’s that for a match?

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