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Devon and Cornwall, 2009

After having to regress and re-install Jalbum for a reason that I still do not understand, I have finally managed to publish a web album summarizing our recent trip damper-than-we-would-like trip to Devon and Cornwall. You can find it at:

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Third Time Lucky

Well, so much for the few dry days in the offing. Now there is apparently another weather front that “may graze the north Cornwall coast” and “may bring a few showers” later in the day. The solid grey sky certainly

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Sea Horses

Our poor old damp, soggy field, just as it is beginning to think about drying out a little, more rain dampens it again. Such was the case last night, as forecast. However, we now believe that a few dry days

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Large as Life

A dry day was forecast. Joy! The night would apparently be wet again but the day would be dry. A swift sortie to the local fresh fish shop revealed that Rock was beginning to sound more like Sloane Square than

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A Flavour of ‘Obby ‘Oss

Padstow celebrates the advent of summer on May 1st with its ‘obby ‘oss festivities. A”better day” was forecast and the morning began dry, if not sunny. There are childrens’ ‘oss processions to start the day but they begin a little

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The Eden Project

We’d had another night of high winds thrashing Billy Bailey with rain and forcing draughts in through the fridge vents. By morning, the wind had calmed and the rain had stopped as advertised by the weather forecasters. The break proved

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Stiff Upper Lips

There was yet more wind-assisted rain forecast for this afternoon but the morning was quite pleasant in a grey sort of way. So, rather than waste part of the morning driving too far, we chose to explore a close stretch

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Booted Out

We seemed to be in for an OK day in that only showers, some heavy or thundery, had been forecast. Treats! We headed for Bedruthen Steps (Carnowas) to go, “ooh, ah” at the rock formations and to walk south on

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Apples and Pears

After a final night at Looe disturbed by further generous helpings of wind and rain, we breathed a small sigh of relief when a respite in the weather arrived just after breakfast. We were moving on to one of our

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Campsite Psychology

Carol and I spent many happy years camping variously in France, Germany, Switzerland or Austria during the height of the season. Our timing was in large part dictated by the fact that, though we ourselves were unencumbered by rugrats, we

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