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Not Yorkshire

Almost 10 years ago the husband of one of my former Walker colleagues died of pancreatic cancer. Jenni later moved down to Dorset. We had Jenni’s phone number but, of course, what we didn’t have was a mobile phone signal

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Bienvenue en France

Another fine morning with another fine day in prospect, albeit with a similar cold northerly(ish) wind. We decided against giving the legs a rest and embarked upon one of neighbour Chris’s favourite walks. This would start and end in Kingston

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To the Back of Beyond

I’ve been to Dorset before but it was so long ago that I really have no recollection about it. So essentially, our journey into Dorset today was taking me into pastures new so I was quite excited. It’s also a

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Washing Everything

Today preparations for our approaching trip to France began in earnest. After a crack of dawn trip to Heathrow to collect a niece returning from Australia for a couple of weeks, Carol began by putting a load of washing in

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Phone Tales, the Sequel

So, my bargain basement new Nokia 2630 phone/camera/radio device now seems to be fully functional. This satisfying minor success followed a considerable amount of judicious debugging (it’s good to know I haven’t switched off completely since retiring) in which my

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