Hoverflies may tend to mimic beasts that sting but they are an altogether more likeable bunch, IMHO. They come in an array of patterns and sizes and we’ve grown to love them. Our Hover-fly collection seems to be just about enough for a dedicated page, now, so here they are.

As I tend increasingly to do with such things, my sequence is not random but follows that of the species accounts within a publication, in this case Britain’s Hoverflies (Ball and Morris), a WILDGuide.

Bacchini (tribe) Melanostoma Platycheirus Chrysotoxum festivum Chrysotoxum cautum
Xanthogramma pedissequum Sphaerophoria scripta Eupeodes luniger Eupeodes corollae Melangyna
Meliscaeva cinctella Episyrphus balteatus Syrphus Rhingia campestris
Eristalis pertinax Eristalis Myathropa florea Helophilus pendulus Sericomyia lappona
Volucella pellucens Volucella inanis

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