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GPS Conundrum

We have two Garmins. Garmin A is a basic walker’s device called an “eTrex h” (the “h” is for high sensitivity). Garmin B is a nüvi something (and what’s that umlaut all about?) for our cars. A friend of mine

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Testing Technology

We’ve just returned from a walk in the company of our U3A friends. These walks are fortnightly gentle saunters, ~5m/8kms, through some very pleasant countryside and, this spring, in some very pleasant weather. We don’t usually know exactly how long

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Satnav Fun and Games

Today we spun over to Harwich to drop Keith and Marlene at the port where they were due to embark on Jewel of the Seas for their cruise through the Baltic Sea to Russia and back. There are times when

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Some GPS Fun

Having returned from Spain on Sunday to some pretty standard English drizzle, Monday and Tuesday were very pleasant, even if a little cool. Tuesday was our day for a U3A walk so I took the ol’ Garmin GPS along to

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