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Special Purchase

Oh crumbs, two posts in one day. Sorry, but this just had to be highlighted. I have just returned from our local Tesco supermarket where I thought I would investigate the price of their gin. Ours seems to keep evaporating

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A Beer in Beer

[Ed: well, I suppose it had to be done.] The first thing to note about a town called Beer is that every business starts to look like a public house: “Beer Greengrocers”, “Beer Yacht Club”, “Beer General Stores”. But, I’m

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All Steamed Up

The clear skies free of clouds continued. The clear skies free of all commercial air transport also continued to the chagrin of those poor souls trying to get somewhere. With our modern transport systems disrupted by unseen volcanic ash lurking

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A Couple of Recipes

Send out geologists to explore the world and find oil fields. Erect expensive drilling rigs and send down a few test holes. If the field is viable, erect lots more rigs and start drilling in earnest. Ship the oil half-way

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Not so Stellar

I would be the first to admit that, for some unfathomable reason, the Brits cannot make lager properly. I don’t understand why one the world’s finest brewing nations (the Belgians beat us into second place, I’m afraid) can turn out

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