Other Arthropods

I suppose it was only a small step from butterflies and dragonflies to being interested in other n-legged friends , where n => 6.

My initial instinct was to title this page Other Insects but, of course, insects have 6 legs and only 6 legs. So, pedantic as it may sound, this page is more correctly titled Other Arthropods, to include things like centipedes and millipedes. Well, we might as well get it right. 🙂

I have a couple of field guides to insects, one of which makes the same insect mistake: Chinery’s Insects of Britain and Western Europe includes spiders, centipedes and millipedes, too. Maybe Arthropods of Britain and Western Europe doesn’t sound catchy enough. Conversely, Paul Brock’s excellent Insects of Britain and Ireland is technically correct since it excludes any critters having more than 6 legs.

Here’s a collection of the other Arthropods that we’ve snapped so far.

Bee-fly Bombylius major Bombylius ater
Bee-fly Neurotoma saltuum male Tenthredo
Tenthredo mesomela Tenthredo temula Cicada
Tibicina haematodes Psaltoda aurora Great Green Bush Cricket
Great Green Bush-cricket Egyptian Grasshopper Field Cricket
Bibio marci Bibio lanigerus Fruit Fly
Stratiomys potamida Tiger Cranefly Crane Fly
Scorpion Fly Caddis Fly Tetanocera sp
Mantis religiosa Sphodromantis viridis Conehead Mantis
Empusa fasciata Ameles mantis Stick Insect
Rhododendron Leafhopper Froghopper Perla grandis
House Centipede Ommatoiulus rutilans Pond Skater
Pond Skater Greater Water Boatman Water Boatman
Lesser Water Boatman Caddis Fly larva Hydrometra stagnorum

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