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Ray of False Hope

Our Devon world looked a little brighter this morning in that the rain had ceased and, surprise of surprises, even the sun put in the occasional appearance under the still threatening clouds. Having studied yesterday’s weather forecast for today, however,

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Year of the Jigsaw

Tessa & Robin, Selina and partner all left yesterday followed by Mike and LInda this morning. Having got as far as Swindon, Mike and Linda reported reasonable conditions so it seems as though Devon and Cornwall may have been singled

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Roller-Coaster Coast

After a disturbed, restless night for Mike fretting about potentially collapsing house sales, we awoke to yet more of the depressing wet stuff. With the almost constant farm traffic up and down the track between Wortham Manor and the tarmacked

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Lovely Weather for Otters

It was back – we woke to rain which continued all morning. The farmer adjacent to Wortham Manor had invited us to go and see his new calves so this decidedly damp morning seemed like a good time to do

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Dining in Style

Now we are 10 following the arrival yesterday of Mike & Linda Eaton (our friends with a pad at Arçais, France), and Selina (Steve and Rosemary’s daughter) plus partner Phil. Birthday girl’s day began rather poorly with the usual tuneless

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Albatross on a Plaque

Today began as yesterday ended – with hole in my right lower molar and rain. We have an as yet untried travel dental repair kit which might help fix the first issue so I set about trying. Actually, Carol volunteered

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Dental Delay

So there I was last night, calmly munching the only morsel of cheese in our house, a chunk of Parmesan, after digging the debris of the preceding rib-eye steak out of my teeth, when I sensed something rock=hard and probably

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Devon and Cornwall, 2009

After having to regress and re-install Jalbum for a reason that I still do not understand, I have finally managed to publish a web album summarizing our recent trip damper-than-we-would-like trip to Devon and Cornwall. You can find it at:

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Reluctant Return

Today was our originally intended day to travel home. The day dawned sunny – sunnier than anything we had experienced since our first two days of the trip. We didn’t want to go home so we decided to ask the

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Five Tors Challenge

This is the weekend of the Ten Tors Challenge. About 400 teams of six youngsters each are let loose on Dartmoor to walk one of three circuits (35, 45 and 55 miles) over the weekend visiting check points on each

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