My moth collection is rather meagre because it is the result of opportunism, rather than being built by my actually seeking moths out. I don’t set moth traps for the night flying moths and, thus, I am somewhat limited to day flying moths or any that we happen to spot resting, waiting for the hours of darkness.

Perhaps for the same reason, I’m a self confessed moth numbskull who’s rubbish at identifying them. Thus, for many of these identifications I am indebted to our county moth recorders at the BNHS and to iSpot.

Sequencing such collections drives me nuts. I used to follow that of the Concise Guide to the Moths of Great Britain and Ireland (Townsend/Waring), foreign species being shoehorned in, but I found it difficult deciding if I had a repeat or not. So, for all I now go alphabetically by scientific name.

Spring Usher [Lesser] Treble Bar Copper Underwing Garden Tiger
Cream-spot Tiger Silver-Y Moth Scarlet Tiger Mother Shipton
Pale Tussock Yellow Shell
Red Underwing Latticed Heath Nut-tree Tussock Feathered Thorn
Dotted Chestnut Cucullia santolinae Clouded Buff Engrailed
Dingy Footman Common%20Heath Common Carpet Burnet Companion
Yellow-tail November Moth Drinker Double-striped Pug
Pine Hawkmoth Snout Riband Wave Clouded Border
Black Arches Lythria cruentaria Hummingbird Hawkmoth
Large Yellow Underwing Chimney Sweeper Pine Beauty Feathered Beauty
Lesser Swallow Prominent Brindled Beauty Speckled Yellow Straw Dot
Shaded Broad-bar Mullein Red-tipped Clearwing
Garden Carpet Silver-ground Carpet 6-spot_Burnet
5-spot Burnet Zygaena fausta Zygaena loti Zygaena romeo

Micro Moths

Since most micro moths do not have common Names, alphabetical sequence on scientific name is pretty the only option anyway.

Amblyptilia Diurnea fagella Adela reaumurella Agapeta hamana
Alucita hexadactyla Anthophila fabriciana Elophila nymphaeata Agonopterix sp
Endotricha flammealis Grapholita jungiella Nymphula nitidulata Tortrix viridana

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