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Over Networked

Some time ago I started blogging using a wonderful piece of blogging freeware (WordPress) introduced to me by a propeller-head friend and former colleague (Steve Blasdale). I didn’t really know what blogging was then but, having recently retired and feeling

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The Return of Search

Having recently upgraded to WordPress 2.7, my “production” blogs have been suffering from a missing search widget in the sidebar. Curiously, my “test” installations on my local machine did not experience this sad loss. WordPress 2.7 is, in my opinion,

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Frustratingly Weird

OK, for two days now I’ve had no less than six installations of WordPress 2.7 up and running, three development instances on my local machine and three live instances on the server I use. On both machines the three instances

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WordPress 2.7

Well, now we are “cooking on gas”, as they say, assuming there’s anyone left in the world that can actually afford any gas and, of course, that the darn Russkies have actually turned the supply back on again. According to

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