Bodega Bay

This was our last day in California before the long trip home. Many years ago I had been keen on cabrito, a San Francisco Mexican restaurant’s rendition of “Petaluma kid goat”, and had been interested in trying to track down some of this elusive delicacy. An Internet search had revealed a goat producer in the area but with an outlet only in San Francisco. Finally, yesterday, Gordon spotted a butcher just outside Point Reyes Station claiming to have goat meat and we were off to get some for our farewell dinner with Bets and Bryan.

It was an absolutely perfect day in Point Reyes Station with clear blue skies and 65°F. We had jumped the gun with the butcher a little ‘cos they didn’t open until 11:00 AM but they seemed happy to help anyway and we got our very expensive goat, which was, of course, organic; nearly everything around here, especially at Point Reyes Station, is. After a last fond farewell look around the place that has become our favourite small town in the area, we headed back with our booty.

A threatening bird at Bodega Bay Bets and Bryan took some time out of catching up on the inevitable backlog of work that a vacation develops to take us for lunch at Bodega Bay. The stunning weather continued up the coast and we sat in a restaurant with panoramic views across the bay made famous by Alfred Hitchcock.

The Birds school house The Birds was set mainly in Bodega a few miles away from Bodega Bay and here there is an Alfred Hitchcock museum which we had never seen. This being our last chance to correct this appalling oversight, our hosts navigated us to see the famous church and school house which are now beautifully kept for diverting tourists. Now I’ve seen the buildings, I’ll have to see try to see the film again; it’s been quite a while.

Now that we are off home, the fog seems to have decided to recede out to sea and Tomales remained fog free for an evening firing-up of the charcoal Weber and our own rendition of barbecued cabrito. It was very good. Bets wondered how we might make it more readily available and more reasonably priced. Spread the word and get more people eating goat. They have to be easy to keep ‘cos they’ll eat just about anything.

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