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First Post-Op Trip

Having re-acquainted ourselves with the New Forest last September, courtesy of waiting on things medical, we had rather optimistically booked ourselves into a year-round campsite there for New Year. New Year in the New Forest: seems almost poetic. At the

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Tour de Fontaines-en-Sologne

We decided to move on tomorrow so this started as a day shopping for some essential supplies and filling the car with some essential diesel. Our range on a full tank is about 250 miles and we like to keep

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Sunshine and Showers

Our particularly unsettled weather, since the aberration that was Wimbledon fortnight, has been considerably ameliorated by several hours coverage each day of the three-week-long Tour de France. That all came to a stunning end on Sunday when the young Manxman

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Interlude de France

During this final week of the Tour de France, ITV4 has scheduled several additional days of live coverage on their main channel, as opposed to screening it via the interactive system (the “red button”). This is a mixed blessing. The

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Le Day Off

I was feeling a bit lost today. It’s a day off in the Tour de France so there was no racing to watch this afternoon. Mind you, after a particularly exciting start to Le Tour last week, the weekend’s stages

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Tour d’Europe

With no fewer than five excursions into foreign territories, this year’s Tour de France seems more like the Tour d’Europe.  It kicked off in the Principality of Monaco before whizzing across southern France whence it heads into Spain. Things start

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Provence by Proxy

Well, there goes another Wimbledon and another Great British hope. I’m not sure Andy Murray actually wants or appreciates English support given his previous comments concerning English football but thanks for the nerve-racking, Andy. I spotted another comment on Twitter

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Service Week

This week turned into something of a week for services. I began by making a booking for Billy Bailey’s next service way out in the future (1st Feb 2010). This was just because the caravan agent is apt to get

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