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Mobile Dragonflies

Despite the fact that essentially photographic websites are not particularly suited to small screen devices, I now got version 1.0 of my mobile-friendly dragonfly and damselfly site, Odo-nutters, implemented. At least it’ll be ready for the start of the new

Owl in a Box

So here we are back at home for the first week after our French spring migration. We’re just about getting back into life @ home. A part of getting back into it for Carol is for her to tromp off

Sandhouse Starts

On the last day for a while advertising some morning brightness, I began by popping over again to Duck End NR near Maulden. I really should’ve taken my Wellies ‘cos overnight rain had made the Duck End grassland sodden. Since

2014 Kick Off

My April plan was quite simple: spend week 1 up in the Lake District, perhaps walking and helping Carol chase landscapes, then return and start watching for the first Large Red Damselflies (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) to appear. Bedfordshire’s earliest in 2013, if

Ruddy Hell!

You can tell things are getting desperate, I’m even visiting Milton Keynes now. Actually, to be fair, in many respects MK is nowhere near as poor as some of its reputations would have you believe. If you are going to

Out for a Duck

It’s been a particularly dreary winter. I was tempted to say dreadful, even though it hasn’t been cold, and the poor folks suffering flooding from the almost endless succession of Atlantic storms would probably agree. Finally, the storms having abated,

Bird feeders

Here we are in the middle of a winter that looks set to be the wettest on record. What the weather hasn’t been as yet is very cold so some of our usually expected winter bird visitors haven’t turned up.

A Surprise Lurking

I detest the winter. Despite the best efforts of the BBC’s Winterwatch programme trying to convince me that it’s interesting and enjoyable, I hate it. There are so many things about it that I dislike starting, of course, with the

A Woburn Rut

With a bright day in prospect and ‘erself off doing good deeds for the Greensand Trust, I thought I’d get some exercise in the all-too-infrequent clement weather by going for a walk. The difficulty, for me anyway, is to decide

Feed the Birds

One of our local conservation organisations, the Greensand Trust, holds a yearly “feed the birds” day where kids are actively encouraged to get messy making feeders stuffed with fat and seeds. Large pine cones and logs with holes are a


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