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Canon Camera Batteries

Some years ago I acquired a Canon EOS 7D DSLR, primarily for wildlife photography. I always fancied a shutter release in the portrait orientation so I bought a battery grip for it. That takes two batteries so, instead of lashing

An Interesting Photographic Year

Back in Beginner’s Skill, posted in April this year, I got the chance to boast about Carol winning a photographic landscape competition at our local photographic club. Well, at long last her rewards are here and Carol has her skilful

Beginner’s Skill

About two months ago, Carol and I started pottering along to the Leighton Buzzard Photographic Club. Carol was the main driving force and I tagged along to save myself staring at my 43rd series rerun of David Suchet as Hercule

Bagging some more Munros

Last year on November 30th, Carol and I went to Waddesdon Manor to see a seasonal art exhibit by so-called “international light artist” Bruce Munro. Well, here we are back at that time of year again and once more Mr

Down to the Eiders

The weather forecast/guess for day #2 of our escape from Halloween had been questionable. We were hoping to make our inaugural visit to the WWT site at Slimbridge as long as storm and tempest didn’t stop us. The forecast still

Avoiding Halloween

October 31st is my most feared day of the year. It’s bloody Halloween and I absolutely dread it. When I was a child Halloween was just an innocuous date on the calendar that passed without notice. Halloween used to be

A Woburn Rut

With a bright day in prospect and ‘erself off doing good deeds for the Greensand Trust, I thought I’d get some exercise in the all-too-infrequent clement weather by going for a walk. The difficulty, for me anyway, is to decide

Feed the Birds

One of our local conservation organisations, the Greensand Trust, holds a yearly “feed the birds” day where kids are actively encouraged to get messy making feeders stuffed with fat and seeds. Large pine cones and logs with holes are a

False Start

One of my favourite on-line Odonata communities is UK Dragonflies. They seem a particularly friendly bunch of enthusiasts, so much so that I made a trip to meet some of them by the river Thames in search of the Common

Waxwing Reprise

There are precious few positive things associated with a northern European winter, especially for a self-confessed Odo-nutter [a.k.a. dragonfly enthusiast] such as myself. Given the right conditions, a few dragonflies can occasionally persist into December but largely, by mid-November, their


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