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In a Rut

[Yes, I know it’s a very obvious title but sometimes the obvious just has to be done.] Monday dawned with the promise a very fine day in prospect. Let’s face it, no fine day in the UK should be wasted

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The Harsher Side of Nature

We are both a little snowed under with digital images at the moment. One week after returning from a seven week trip around France, we went to a friend’s wedding and banged off several hundred more photos. Consequently, it is

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Ride a White Swan

A pair of swans has been nesting beside a bridge over the Grand Union Canal close to our house. On Thursday last week I noticed that the little grey balls of fluff had hatched. On Friday en route to a

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Birthday Lunch

Keith’s birthday. that is: today. Keith doesn’t “do” birthdays. Keith doesn’t do birthdays so much that he doesn’t even know in which month his parents birthdays fall. Curious. In order not to do Keith’s birthday today, since it was a

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Back Again

A couple of things returned to our back garden today. Unfortunately, one of them was the snow which was, of course, also in the front garden and all our neighbours’ gardens. Still, it is February and that’s often a bad

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New Winter Visitor

This being the weekend of the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch, we’ve been doing quite a lot of bird feeder filling and staring out of our windows at the resultant flocks of feathered friends. In fact, on Friday, not being above

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Talk of the Devil

Yesterday we were In Search of the Holy Grail in the form of one of our rarer avian garden visitors, a Treecreeper. No sooner had we been thinking, “wouldn’t it be nice if we got a shot of a Treecreeper”,

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Protection Rackets

A few weeks ago when we had red berries in our garden and Redwings were in town after them, I noticed that our local Blackbirds appeared to be getting aggressive trying to chase the Redwings away. Since then, the red

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Inappropriate Names

It was our 2005 trip to Crete that started me thinking this way. After the highlight of the trip, a stunning walk down the impressive Samaria Gorge, we caught a ferry to Loutro, a delightful village round a horseshoe-shaped bay

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Winter Visitors

Visitors of the avian sort, that is. Last week in a moment of madness, I ventured out to walk along an unfamiliar stretch of our local Grand Union Canal in search of clues to a geocache. It was just an

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