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Carol’s trip to help Vanessa.

Airports United: 7 – Station Wanderers: 2

In a thrilling, though rather one-sided match played out in the home stadium over the months of December and January, Airports United defeated Stations Wanderers, quite convincingly, by a massive margin. Airports United took the lead in early December through

That Airport Again

Our friends and neighbours, Paul and Liz, were due back into good ol’ Luton airport today on easyJet flight 2224 from Alicante. You-know-who was off to pick them up and they had accepted my invitation to eat with me in

Human Company

After the dawn patrol to Waitrose to buy a few essentials (I had completely exhausted my supply of Twinings Assam tea) , a sunny Saturday morning prompted me to walk along the Grand Union Canal canal into town to buy

Booze Store, Day 5

Friday: time to put the freshly painted under-stairs cupboard (a.k.a. cellar) back together again. First job is put up some coat hooks to replace the rail that was removed along with the original shelf. Fortunately we have a set of

Booze Store, Day 4

Thursday should be a breeze, really. Now I’d finished using sandpaper and making dust, I could get on with painting the woodwork: skirting board, door frame and my walking boot storage device (which I had cleverly remembered to primer yesterday).

Booze Store, Day 3

Wednesday is woodwork day, is every body happy … etc. As luck would have it, the shelf I had removed from the cupboard was exactly the same width as the long side of the wine racks. How amazing is that?

Booze Store, Day 2

Tuesday was paint-the-walls-and-ceiling day. First of all, I rubbed down yesterday’s filling efforts. Some of the filling promptly fell out. I knew I shouldn’t have been a skinflint by buying Homebase deep gap filler. I established JC’s first rule of

Booze Store, Day 1

Monday was time for the mouse to get on with project number one. Since we moved into this house 20 years ago, our wine store has hitherto successfully been made up of good ol’ cardboard wine boxes on their sides

Niece Sitting

Sunday was to be my last day with company for about one and a half weeks as, in the evening, Carol was off up to Edinburgh to look after her niece, Vanessa. Normally, Vanessa is perfectly capable of looking after


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