Booze Store, Day 3

Wednesday is woodwork day, is every body happy … etc. As luck would have it, the shelf I had removed from the cupboard was exactly the same width as the long side of the wine racks. How amazing is that? Not only that, but it was also twice as deep as the wine racks so I could build support legs out of it, too. Since the wine racks were now going to be placed in on their long side (courtesy of the ripped-out architrave), monsieur Hercule Poirot’s “little grey cells” deduce that they can be raised up on a support built of the aforementioned shelf creating a neat storage area beneath the wine for things like space-consuming walking boots, etc. Nice one, Hercule!

Into the garage, out with the workmate and circular saw, and on with constructing a rudimentary support shelf upon which the wine racks could sit. I also managed to butcher a piece of the original overflow storage, a rack system based on the same design, to fashion a few support legs to hold the second new wine rack above the first. Having broken my back a second time by assembling said second wine rack, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my supports worked so well, the two sat very firmly together even without fixing. Isn’t gravity wonderful?

Not working in the cupboard: no danger of bumping head.

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