Human Company

After the dawn patrol to Waitrose to buy a few essentials (I had completely exhausted my supply of Twinings Assam tea) , a sunny Saturday morning prompted me to walk along the Grand Union Canal canal into town to buy some hardware supplies from the dreaded Homebase. (Fear not, I didn’t buy anything with a Homebase brand name.) This was really just an excuse for the six mile walk, three there and three back. It was pleasant enough though I was a little disappointed at how little wildlife seemed to be around; I guess it is January, after all. There was a gaggle of Canada Geese calmly munching grass. Everything else seemed to be gathered outside Tesco waiting to be fed. The sun had brought out the fisherfolk, too.

Rosemary and Steve had very kindly invited me to supper for the evening, complete with a bed so I could drink. After a week in my own company, I was looking forward to seeing someone else for a good natter. I wiled away the afternoon by practicing upgrading my version of WordPress on my local development system so that I would know what I was doing before attacking my live system. Soon it was time to go so I packed my bags, including a little something or two from the fancy new booze store, and off went the Mazda, roof down, and I to play in the country lanes.

I had been so wrapped up in the booze store project that I had completely forgotten about Burn’s Night and the yearly excuse to eat some haggis. Fortunately (I’m fond of haggis), Rosemary had her wits about her and had remembered, so haggis it was for a starter. Follow that with a Hairy Bikers’ cardamom chicken dish rounded off with some good ol’ Stilton cheese, and a thoroughly good time was had by all.

Thank you both: great fun and enjoyable company.

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