Airports United: 7 – Station Wanderers: 2

In a thrilling, though rather one-sided match played out in the home stadium over the months of December and January, Airports United defeated Stations Wanderers, quite convincingly, by a massive margin. Airports United took the lead in early December through Gatwick and Heathrow scoring twice in the same week. Their early lead was extended a week later when Luton scored an unexpected third as a couple of players were off the field. The absentees soon returned, however, and, as they did, Stansted instantly put the ball in the back of the net for a fourth. It was just beginning to look like being a whitewash when Flitwick and M. Keynes combined forces and scored two in rapid succession for Station Wanderers as three visiting players from America and Scotland came to the end of their contracts and had to return home. That magnificent effort was soon made to look like a token, though, as Luton finished with a stunning hat trick in the final two weeks of play. What a game!

Yes, Carol was coming home from Edinburgh bringing the niece-sitting chapter to an end and restoring life, as we know it, at home. She was leaving on the (supposedly) 18:05 easyJet flight landing (again supposedly) at 19:20. The weather had other thoughts, though. Her welcome home dinner, Thai Green Curry, sat languishing in the kitchen while her aircraft sat languishing on the apron at Edinburgh airport. Here’s a new one on me: the winds up in the frozen north were gusting to 75mph and, apparently, the cargo door on the easyJet Airbus is rated only to 60mph – they couldn’t open the door to unload the baggage from the inbound flight. Interesting, eh? Eventually they did manage to find another, less exposed spot to park the plane that enabled normal service to be resumed and Carol returned to her glorious green curry and, more importantly, a couple of bottles of wine, about 90 minutes late.

Can I have a break from airports now, please, just for a little while?

2 comments on “Airports United: 7 – Station Wanderers: 2
  1. Rosemary says:

    Very witty and yet what an indictment of British travel! Three journeys to Scotland and only one by train. My Boss is off there on Monday(for 2 days only), naturally to visit his favourite bank. I don’t believe he’s ever heard the one about not being able to open the cargo door, sounds an excuse with such scope that he may hear it yet.

    Glad The Boss is back safely after her angel of mercy mission. I look forward to hearing how she has scored your honey-do list.

  2. JC says:

    Oh Lord, I have misrepresented the score for Station Wanderers, haven’t I, forgetting a goal by M. Keynes for the Scottish run? Drat!

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