Booze Store, Day 2

Tuesday was paint-the-walls-and-ceiling day. First of all, I rubbed down yesterday’s filling efforts. Some of the filling promptly fell out. I knew I shouldn’t have been a skinflint by buying Homebase deep gap filler. I established JC’s first rule of decorating several years ago:

  • never buy anything with a “Homebase” brand name – it’ll be crap.

Never mind, reinforcement is good for the soul, or so they say, I won’t do it again. Rummaging through my stock of paint remnants in the garage, I found some white emulsion for the ceiling and some “sumptuous silk” emulsion that would do nicely for the walls. Don’t people have a great job coming up with sexy names for paint colours? On with the emulsion. We’ll have the best-decorated under-stairs cupboard in the street.

To spend a little more time constructively, I decided to go for assembling one of the wine racks. Interesting job: 36 metal bars, 63 pine wooden thingies (bottle supports, I guess) and 63 nails. “Interesting” turned out to be a euphemism for “back-breaking”.

Low doorway to the cupboard: bumped head twice!

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