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Spare Wars Episode IV

… in a galaxy far, far away … It must be in a galaxy far, far away because the Stormtroopers of the evil empire of Jaguar Land Rover are clearly on a different planet from me. OK, in Episode III

Going Spare III

Repeat after me, “full-size spare wheel and tow bar”; in addition to being my mantra, this is a concept which seems to be almost lost on Land Rover when it comes to their otherwise delicious Discovery Sport model. The complexities

Going Spare II

My on-going Land Rover “spare wheel and tow bar” saga has generated a little more information. The apparent story so far: you can have the holy grail of a full-size spare on a 150PS model (apparently because the 150PS does

Going Spare

I know I’ve been silent for some time but we’ve been considering replacing our trusty, long serving tow car, a 2006 mark 2 Honda CR-V, a so-called SUV. It’s still a good car, though the technology is dated, and has

Mobile Dragonflies

Despite the fact that essentially photographic websites are not particularly suited to small screen devices, I now got version 1.0 of my mobile-friendly dragonfly and damselfly site, Odo-nutters, implemented. At least it’ll be ready for the start of the new

A Site Makeover

The insidious march of small Internet access devices continues. I have now buckled under the pressure and given this curdhome website a responsive makeover. Carol tried out Gastroblog and couldn’t find the “search” box on her mobile – it was

Gastroblog Goes Mobile

Blasted so-called smart phone technology has steadily been ruining website design with its ridiculous small screen restrictions. For the last year or so, I’ve felt a bit like King Canute trying to stem the inexorably rising tide. It was always

Early Xmas Present

To myself, that is. I’ve been looking forward with great anticipation to Canon’s new mark II EOS 7D camera body for some time. The main reason is that it was rumoured to be packing a built-in GPS system. As one

More Banking Insanity

Back in 2010 I invested in a Smart Saver Account with the Cooperative Bank. The account was at a fixed rate of interest for two years and all went swimmingly well – well, as well as any cash investment could

The Thames Ring: Retrospective

[Apologies for a larger than usual post but I think this information would be better kept together.] We recently completed a narrow boat trip around the so-called Thames Ring (a.k.a. the Grand Ring or Southern Ring), a circular route comprised


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