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More Banking Insanity

Back in 2010 I invested in a Smart Saver Account with the Cooperative Bank. The account was at a fixed rate of interest for two years and all went swimmingly well – well, as well as any cash investment could


More years ago than I care to remember, probably 15 years or so, I fitted ceramic tiles to the floor of our kitchen. They were hexagonal cream tiles with dark brown grout lines and looked reasonably stylish at the time,

Never Renew On-line

Here’s my latest in a rather lengthy line of what would generally be termed insurance renewal run-ins. I say generally because one of the first that really made me laugh was with the renewal for my AA breakdown cover which,

Special Purchase

Oh crumbs, two posts in one day. Sorry, but this just had to be highlighted. I have just returned from our local Tesco supermarket where I thought I would investigate the price of their gin. Ours seems to keep evaporating

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Loyalty Penalties, Part 2

Day 1 back at home after a wonderful trip walking the coast and hills of Dorset. Naturally, one of the first jobs is to go through the mail, both snail- and e-, that has accumulated during one’s absence. One missive

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Loyalty Penalties

Since our beloved Mazda MX5 (a.k.a. “Mazzie”) is now 11 years old, for the last two years I’ve taken out breakdown and recovery cover with the AA. Although most of our longer journeys are in our tow car, it seemed

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A Couple of Recipes

Send out geologists to explore the world and find oil fields. Erect expensive drilling rigs and send down a few test holes. If the field is viable, erect lots more rigs and start drilling in earnest. Ship the oil half-way

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ISA Madness

Well, here we are again at the end of another financial year. The difference this time compared to previous financial years is that this particular financial year has been an unmitigated disaster with the brunt of said disaster being born

Great Use of Money

It’s grand to see that, in times of serious recession, our more advanced-thinking companies can spend their money wisely – unlike our degenerate bankers, it appears. I try to spend our remaining money wisely, too. That means that I refuse

Head & Shoulders below the rest

My, my, the marketing bullshitters are on a roll these days. I’ve seen a couple of examples recently and the latest makes me feel irresistibly compelled to begin a new Bullshit category in their honour. Why should such total mumbo-jumbo


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