A Site Makeover

cropped-Cambodian-Fishermen-300x100.jpgThe insidious march of small Internet access devices continues. I have now buckled under the pressure and given this curdhome website a responsive makeover.

Carol tried out Gastroblog and couldn’t find the “search” box on her mobile – it was way down below in the sidebar which had been pushed below the content on a narrow screen. For recipes, the search box seemed critical so I’ve found a way to move it to the header. Better!

On curdhome, I couldn’t find space for my favourite tagline on the logo/header image but my Gastroblog lesson helped me find a way of getting the tagline separately in the header, which is where it would normally be.

Image size is a challenge which may still need some work. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey.

A bigger problem looms with Odo-nutters – sizes of embedded Google documents. Darn!

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