Gastroblog Goes Mobile

Blasted so-called smart phone technology has steadily been ruining website design with its ridiculous small screen restrictions. For the last year or so, I’ve felt a bit like King Canute trying to stem the inexorably rising tide. It was always a lost cause. Enough!

Gastroblog-BannerGastroblog has just been given a bit of a facelift based upon a new responsive theme. The responsive restrictions required a change to the HTML in all the recipes so, along with the new theme, they have all been modified and reloaded. It may generate a mass notification but since I effectively restored an archive, I’m not entirely sure. What the hell, a small price to pay.

I must say the new look comes over quite well on my entry-level smart phone. Check it out.

Next up, the curdhome mother-ship. 😀

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