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Straight out of Camera

Our local photographic club recently held a “STRAIGHT pictures“ evening. Fear not, it was nothing to do with sexual orientation. On the face of it, it sounded simple enough: a photograph straight from the camera with no Photoshop/Lightroom trickery. Clear?

Antipodean Travel Albums

If, following all the recent GDPR shenanigans, there are any readers actually still left out there, I have finally managed to muster the time to put together albums on our travel page for our 2017 Antipodean adventure, pausing our outward

Cloud Cuckoo Land

My, how time flies. It doesn’t seem it but it was back in 2013 that I signed up with Crashplan for a cloud storage account to backup our data. Multiple people in one household banging away with multiple digital cameras

The ISA Myth

Cash ISA (or NISA) savings accounts are a benefit to the consumer, right? This is because the interest on them is tax free, right? Well, yes, but … In just opening two new ISA accounts, I’ve bumped into another example

Lens Selection

I’d been debating about lenses to take with me on a wildlife trip to parts foreign, Namibia, in this case. If my subjects were to be wildlife only, the choice would be very straightforward; all I would need would be

A Trip to Kew

Compare and contrast, both journeys being of similar distance (45mls vs 65kms). England: parking at LB station, £7.90 – off peak travel card to Kew Gardens, £21.00; Spain: parking at Xeraco station, FREE – return ticket to Valencia, ~8.50€. This

Spare Wars Episode VI: The Empire Strikes Back

After a week or so, customer Skywalker eventually heard back from Mr Stormtrooper representing the empire, i.e. He had been good to his word and had “further information” for me. I could, of course, have guessed pretty much what

Spare Wars Episode IV

… in a galaxy far, far away … It must be in a galaxy far, far away because the Stormtroopers of the evil empire of Jaguar Land Rover are clearly on a different planet from me. OK, in Episode III

Early Xmas Present

To myself, that is. I’ve been looking forward with great anticipation to Canon’s new mark II EOS 7D camera body for some time. The main reason is that it was rumoured to be packing a built-in GPS system. As one

A Day for Recorders

For the last seven years, the British Dragonfly Society has run a so-called Recorders’ Day, the recorders being those folks who collate and submit dragonfly observation records for each of the Vice Counties in the UK. The Vice Counties differ


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