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Spring camping trip to Devon and Cornwall

Devon and Cornwall, 2009

After having to regress and re-install Jalbum for a reason that I still do not understand, I have finally managed to publish a web album summarizing our recent trip damper-than-we-would-like trip to Devon and Cornwall. You can find it at:

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Reluctant Return

Today was our originally intended day to travel home. The day dawned sunny – sunnier than anything we had experienced since our first two days of the trip. We didn’t want to go home so we decided to ask the

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Five Tors Challenge

This is the weekend of the Ten Tors Challenge. About 400 teams of six youngsters each are let loose on Dartmoor to walk one of three circuits (35, 45 and 55 miles) over the weekend visiting check points on each

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Oddly Dry

This afternoon we were expecting another visitor in the person of Jan, the the other half of the now dissolved cafe Cinnamon Girl partnership. Our first order of business was to plan and purchase our evening meal so we shot

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Fake Rain

When we arrived here on Tuesday and were selecting a pitch (grass or hard-standing, sir?), the friendly people at the campsite said that the only real rain they were expecting would be on Thursday night. This morning under some intermittent

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Lydford Gorge

Having run away from being battered in Cornwall, we haven’t quite managed to escape the cloud which, of course, tends to drift over Devon after it has drifted over Cornwall. However, we have found a new area to investigate. While

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This morning dawned a flat, solid, even grey. It then dawned on us that it was time to move on. Old stomping grounds are fine if the weather is reasonable but the familiarity becomes boredom in dull conditions. Carol spotted

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Third Time Lucky

Well, so much for the few dry days in the offing. Now there is apparently another weather front that “may graze the north Cornwall coast” and “may bring a few showers” later in the day. The solid grey sky certainly

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Sea Horses

Our poor old damp, soggy field, just as it is beginning to think about drying out a little, more rain dampens it again. Such was the case last night, as forecast. However, we now believe that a few dry days

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Large as Life

A dry day was forecast. Joy! The night would apparently be wet again but the day would be dry. A swift sortie to the local fresh fish shop revealed that Rock was beginning to sound more like Sloane Square than

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