Third Time Lucky

Well, so much for the few dry days in the offing. Now there is apparently another weather front that “may graze the north Cornwall coast” and “may bring a few showers” later in the day. The solid grey sky certainly looked a little angry this morning. We’re also reportedly in for another battering by the wind so we’ve decided to stay put in our relatively sheltered field rather than move 30 miles west to St. Agnes which is a windy location at the best of times.

Bedruthen Steps in the middle distance We’ve twice tried on this trip to do the walk from Carnewas (Bedruthen Steps) towards Watergate Bay but the weather has had other ideas, raining on both occasions almost as soon as we arrived. We’re slow learners so we tried again. This time the heavens did not open as we parked and donned our boots. I’d just like to say that again: we donned our boots. Yes, this time I had both boots and socks in the boot of the car. Bravo!

Spring flowers, much of which is thrift More thrift and ... something yellow The tide was in and, there being no possibility of descending the steep steps to the beach around Bedruthen Steps, we simply headed south along the coastal path towards Watergate Bay. The path remained high crossing the tops of dramatic cliffs for the majority of its route with little in the way of major ascents and descents. In better weather it would have been a majestic walk. As it was, today’s gale force winds screaming over the aforementioned dramatic cliffs into our faces became very tiresome and the flat grey sky did nothing for the scenery. I’m sure we both felt, at times, that we were doing it just because it was there. The spring flowers were particularly fine and formed a rewarding highlight, though, and, had there been some sun, they would have been elevated from rewarding to sublime. Still, it remained dry and you can’t have everything.

Having performed our about-turn overlooking Watergate Bay, we were now assisted by the howling wind on our return trip but we were both beginning to have had enough of the relentless battering. A cream tea at Carnewas National Trust cafe went some way to restoring Carol’s well-being. A shower and a bottle of wine should do the rest.

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