Lydford Gorge

Having run away from being battered in Cornwall, we haven’t quite managed to escape the cloud which, of course, tends to drift over Devon after it has drifted over Cornwall. However, we have found a new area to investigate.

While the “early morning showers were clearing”, we popped into Tavistock for a few supplies. Tavistock is a slightly strange place for us; strange in that it has very close ties to the Duke of Bedford’s family close to who’s main pad, Woburn Abbey, we live. Seeing a statue of Francis, 7th Duke of Bedford (don’t quote me on the precise number) and seeing street signs such as Bedford Square are apt to make one think that some overnight dislocation has occurred. It’s a pleasant town, though, and apparently not completely swamped by the big supermarkets. The pannier market is atmospheric and certainly worth a look.

Lydford is a compact village. Within easy walking distance of our camp site on the opposite side of Lydford lies one of my kind of National Trust properties, Lydford Gorge. I personally don’t really “do” large houses of the aristocracy but I am interested in what Mother Nature has built. For our afternoon’s entertainment we took ourselves and our cameras on the three mile circular walk around Lydford Gorge and very good it was, too. I suspect we have visited it at its best because it is carpeted with spring flowers and, given the abundant rain we’ve been having of late, the various waterfalls and the so-called Devil’s Cauldron were flowing very nicely. Even my horticulturalist companion was impressed by a couple of unfamiliar species of plants, in addition to the abundance of more regular species.

White Lady Waterfall Carol In Lydford Gorge Early Purple Orchid Mystery Plant 1 Mystery Plant 2 Massed Ramsons, a wild garlic Water Avens

After a very slow three hour wander around the gorge, life became even better when we called in to the local pub in search of refreshment and found that it sold good ol’ Cornish Rattler cider. What better way to round off the afternoon, especially as I was not driving and could safely have two pints for the first time. I don’t think I’d want three. 😉

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2 comments on “Lydford Gorge
  1. Rosemary says:

    I’m slightly inclined to a mugwort for Mystery Plant 2 – something about the frilly & fluffy nature of it. Any chance you can please go back & photograph the leaves? What’s the magnification?!!

  2. JC says:

    Magnification not great – I’d guess that the complete flower spike was about 2 feet (60 cms) tall, or thereabouts. The section in the photo is probably about 6 inches (15 cms).

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