This morning dawned a flat, solid, even grey. It then dawned on us that it was time to move on. Old stomping grounds are fine if the weather is reasonable but the familiarity becomes boredom in dull conditions. Carol spotted a Caravan Club affiliated site nestling beneath the western edge of Dartmoor in Devon. The site sounded like us; it had an award for conservation and looked as though it promised a good set of pastures new to investigate, including Lydford Gorge. A phone call eventually confirmed that they could accommodate us and the A-team swung into action on a spur of the moment pack-and-move operation. One instinctively knows when it’s time to move on – and it was. Go with your gut.

After a little more than an hour, we were checking in to the site at Lydford, the wardens of which gave us a very warm reception. As we were registering, they asked if we had a laptop. What? Sociable wardens and free wifi. Being an affiliated site, rather than an actual Caravan Club site, the wardens had clearly not been to the Caravan Club’s charisma bypass school. The wardens are familiar with the walks in the area and offered to make suggestions according to our requirements. Things were looking up dramatically. A guided tour of the site found us a hard-standing pitch with views of some tors on Dartmoor. As we set up, lambs were bleating in a nearby field and the clouds began breaking up a little to allow some sun through. So far so good; it seems like a good last minute decision.

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