Head & Shoulders below the rest

My, my, the marketing bullshitters are on a roll these days. I’ve seen a couple of examples recently and the latest makes me feel irresistibly compelled to begin a new Bullshit category in their honour. Why should such total mumbo-jumbo pass by unnoticed?

According to the current Head and Shoulders dandruff shampoo TV advert, it will:

… keep your scalp up to 100% flake free.


What the hell’s that supposed to mean? If I remember my set theory correctly and were to draw a Venn diagram representing “up to 100%”, it would constitute the universal set; every possibility would be included. Zero% falls within the bounds of “up to 100%”. On that basis, blasted dog shampoo could be guaranteed to keep my scalp “up to 100% flake free”.

It’s complete bullshit.

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